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Sunday, March 18, 2018

What learning opportunities await you at IGRS Training Center?

In IGRS Training Center will get underway. Come ready to learn and leave with solutions and ideas to bring back to your teams, so you can maximize the potential of your organization’s data.
Our training courses typically attention on a detailed workflow or technology application. Meanwhile, our Training Course provide you with an overall outlook of how the ArcGIS is evolving, how other experts are using the technology and how it can help your organization be successful. Without a general understanding of where GIS is headed, you might miss out on key solutions that could enhance your location strategy.

This is why we encourage you to invite all your staff – GIS users to participate in one of our Center. If you can’t all attend at one time, consider taking turns from one month to the next to make sure your team sees the latest and greatest in IGRS Training Center.
For GIS users, this Training is a place to learn about improved workflows and how to leverage new tools. You will also get the chance to network with your peers and take home new deployment tips to improve your work.
For new GIS User, it’s a place to visualize how GIS is at the center of effective data management. Staying current on the evolution of GIS is key to planning the best architecture for your organization’s needs.
And also, how to best use your data across your organization to be more efficient in achieving your goals. You’ll also get a chance to meet with your peers from similar share best practices.
Even with the rapid growth of online training, some people still appreciate the chance to meet in person and take part in a learning session with others in the same room. Especially when other standard training courses are not always available nearby or when you are ready for it.

About the Instructor:

SaifUllah is a Training Instructor at I.G.R.S  Training Center Faisalabad. He instruct  Beginner from all industries  institute on how to use GIS technologies to be more efficient in their daily workflows. Saif holds a GIS & Remote sensing certificate from NUST University Islamabad and a Bachelor degree in Remote sensing from GCU  Faisalabad City. Being by the water has always made his feel at home and has given her inspiration to keep a positive outlook in life.


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