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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

ArcMap Auto Save Editing Tool, Automatically backup ongoing edits


Software applications sometimes can be good enough, sometimes - perfect and even bugs free. But in most cases in real life they are not. Occasionally they may fail and crash for some reason, unfortunately and unexpectedly. Even the better ones may do so. So, in case of ArcGIS from time to time you may face the need to spend some time restoring everything you were doing all day long. Addressing this issue the Auto Save Editing functionality allows you to automatically save backup copies of your data in a specified period of time.



For your ArcGIS map documents you can turn this functionality on, specify the required period of saving and you will be safe from loosing your work.
Backup copies of the .shp  are automatically saved in the same directory with the file name .shp extension. For example, for the digitized document "road.shp, school.shp" a backup copy ".shp" will be created.

How to install Auto Save Tool

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