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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Client Background
Client: A large US-based multinational technology company
Industry: Computer hardware, software, and consumer electronics
Key Products & Services: Smartphones, web browser, watch etc.

Area of Operations: Worldwide
The Opportunity
The client company provides web mapping services for automobile and pedestrian navigation. It was in the process of building and launching the next generation of dynamic and interactive mapping services.
While the client had multiple software products and tools, it still faced challenges, like an underdeveloped mapping product with incorrect geocoding across geographies, and unmapped, incomplete and unchecked vector data, transit routes, and point of interest (POI)/area of interest (AOI) data. Moreover, there was a dearth of relevant resources with a quality score less than 78%.
The client, on an urgent basis, needed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experts who could enhance their functional capabilities across Map Editing, Quality Assurance, and Review and Policy Management, to help them go live across specific geographies within 11 months.
Services provided included:
For Map Editing: Research, data research and curation. This included Map geometry editing, Customer Report a Problem (RAP), Transit curation, AOI curation and Pedestrian curation. For Quality Assurance: Defining, measuring and improving quality, bringing QA and Meta QA together for validation
For Review and Policy Management: Policy and content review management including guidelines and rules management, conflict resolutions, RAP-related resolutions etc.

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