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Monday, January 07, 2019


A report published by Devex, DAI, and USAID says that geospatial technology and Geomatic Engineering is one of the most preferred career choices amongst youngsters followed by Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence 
Geospatial technology has shown to be our best companion, being with us 24/7 as a life redeemer helping us to find our strange destination or track our near or dear ones. It has become a crucial part of life. It is a need of a discrete as well as for organizations that help them to make fair and accurate business decisions. A recent report which was published by Devex, USAID, and DAI says that geospatial technology is one of the most preferred career choices amongst youngsters followed by Big Data, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence which are half-finished areas without geospatial technology. According to the report 2,500 respondents wish to learn and use advanced information and communications technology or ICT in the next 10 years where GIS is number one choice for them. Below are four top technologies with GIS on top that are going to be a next actuality thing to the world and for you if you are a tech aficionado and wish to make a career in it.
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Geographical Information System(GIS)

You might not have thought during your school, that geography-a subject of social science can be integrated with technology. But, it’s a reality now and is termed as Geographical Information System. GIS is an incorporation of the information system with geography. It has become very vital for businesses as well as our day to day life as it provides maps and project locations to visualize. It is one of the best courses which helps to understand the geography in addition to GIS software. It helps to better understand the relationship between people and their environment. And, if you see yourself as GIS professional in future you need to have a basic understanding of geography. There are many universities around the world that now offers a full-fledged course in GIS helping one to better understand the dynamics of it. In Pakistan, NUST is best university one of them.

Big Data

We are living in the modern world where now data is the key to make any life-threatening decision and thus a huge amount of data is produced every day to extract information But then that big data is impractical until and unless it is analyzed and has some sense. Thus, it makes a good choice as a career to learn to analyze data and be a data scientist. Subjects like mathematics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, or Bioinformatics are provided with relevant skills to track career in big data. Understanding of coding and programming languages is also necessary if you are looking to make a career in it. Big data as a career is also very huge and dynamic for which just a university degree will never help. 

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