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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

7 R Packages Useful for Spatial Analysis

List of popular R packages for spatial analysis.

  1.    RgeoProfile is an R package for carrying out geographic profiling - a technique derived from criminology that uses the spatial locations of linked crimes to infer the home location (or locations) from which the criminal is operating, by Steve LeComber

    2.   rayshader is a package for producing hillshaded maps of elevation matrices with raytracing and spherical texture mapping, by Tyler Mogan.
    3.   dodgr: fast calculations of pairwise distances on directed graphs in R, by Mark Padgham
    4.   rmapshaper: a simple way to simplify shape files, by Andy Teucher
    5.   rpostgis: Linking R with a PostGIS Spatial Database, by David Bucklin and Mathieu Basille
    6.   osrmr: a wrapper around the OSRM API, a super fast routing engine for OpenStreetMaps, by Adrian Stämpfli-Schmid
    7.   stplanr is a package providing various functions and data access for transport research, by Robin Lovelace. This is the core package underneath The Propensity to Cycle Tool

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