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Monday, May 13, 2019

Rajanpur:Download Rajanpur District, Tehsil, Union Council Shapefile

The district of Rajanpur is divided into three tehsils, which contain a total of 44 Union Councils. The link of shape file are mention below you can download for any other query you can  contact us any time.
Rajanpur has a total of 1,160 government schools out of which 41 percent (480 schools) are for girl students. The district has an enrollment of 148,746 in public sector schools.


Agriculture in Rajanpur depends solely upon canal irrigation since rainfall is negligible in the region. The five rivers of the Punjab meet at the locality of Wang near Mithankot; hence these rivers provide water for irrigation as well as for domestic usage. Rainfall occurs during the monsoon season (July–September). Occasional heavy rainfall causes flooding in this region, but such floods are rare. In Rajanpur, flood waters come from the Koh Sultan and Shacher torrents (rivulets), as well as the Indus.
Rajanpur district is famous for cotton and sugarcane crop, although they are cultivating wheat and rice as well and tobacco to very little extent too. 
Rajanpur is also famous for its cotton business. There are many cotton industries in this district which play an essential role to fulfill the needs of cotton for textile mills. However, some of the people also do agricultural work, which is a leading business of Rajanpur.

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