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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


If you need to download climate data quickly and access several resources simultaneously, Climate Engine is your analysis tool. It will help you access climate data collections and satellite sensors to extract indicators and climate variables or generate graphs without complicating your life. Fast, clean and no need to logar or have to program.
Download climate data with Climate Engine

Surely you've already snooped WorldClim and other similar weather data platforms, but surely you have not gone through Climate Engine yet. This peculiar platform works under the environment of Google Earth Engine allowing access to countless collections of climate data worldwide to extract climate information and satellite indicators without the need to program scripts on Engine. Although Climate Engine goes unnoticed by GISters, it is a great platform to download any weather data and even download satellite images and spectral indicators . Together with the possibility of downloading massive data, it allows to perform climate analyzes of time series under a work system similar to the AppEEARS application of NASA. An ideal application to analyze climate data, document environmental reports or conduct multitemporal environmental monitoring studies in a matter of seconds.

Climate Engine's strengths will be found in aspects such as:
  • It is not necessary to log in to acquire the data.
  • By working with Earth Engine you can process massive data in the cloud, display it and download it in seconds without having to schedule scripts.
  • It allows to combine and process variables generating statistical data.
  • It has access to the main collections of global climate data and space missions aimed at monitoring the territorial surface.
  • You can download the climatic data in raster format and the native resolution of the resources.
  • It allows managing satellite image data by composing indicators, processing RGB images and downloading their bands.Download global climate data

The two key variables in the game of analysis and data download are in:
  1. Climatic Data : being able to accede to infinity of climatic variables and their potential statistics. Data on temperature, humidity, evapotranspiration, wind speed, or radiation are available from resources such as CHIRPS.
  2. Satellite data : you can download images and indexes from Landsat, Sentinel or MODIS satellites. You can download compositions of satellite bands or indicators associated with the climate environment such as the NDVI, NWDI, BAI or thermal data among others.
To download climate data from Climate Engine you must access the platform and start managing the search filters by delimiting the territorial area from which to extract the data.
From the left side menu, in the Make Map tab , you can start the filter to download climatic data or download satellite images and their indicators in the Variable section .
From the Processing section you can preprocess the data from a statistical point of view to generate data combinations when you work for temporary periods.
The Time Period section will allow you to assign a time slice of data acquisition or satellite images.
The top menu of the map will allow you to visualize the data, being able to edit the symbology, use base maps or select the possibility of downloading the data in GeoTIF format without the need to log in to Google Earth Engine or the platforms that provide the climate data collections.
Download climate data
The upper left Make Graph tab will help you generate graphics from time series. You only have to use the analysis variable, mark the territorial place from which to extract the climatic data and assign the time interval. The graph will identify the climatic variations along the available data series and you will be able to export the information in graphic format or selecting the repertoire of climatic values ​​for the place.
Climate graphs in SIG

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