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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Convert SHP to KMZ in ArcGIS ArcMap and Google Earth

Key hole markup language Zip files store the information as in a ZIP. As you know that Google Earth this format allows you to package several files together and compress the content to make it easier to download. This allows you to merge images into the KML file. Next we will see how to convert SHP files to KMZ. 
Convert SHP to KMZ using ArcMap
Convert KMZ to SHP which is the inverse process 
1.- Open ArcMap and load the shapefile file (for example: Pakistan).
2.- Go to the Table of Contents, in the content window, right click on the name of the loaded shapefile, select the Properties option.

3.- Go to the Symbology tab, then to the categories option, select the Value Field option, select the field of your interest (DEPTO), click the Add All Values button, then select OK.
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