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Friday, July 19, 2019

European Space Agency Gives Away One-Year License for EO Satellite Images. Free Satellite Data

We’ve partnered with Sentinel Hub to offer your business 1 year free and easy access to a wide range of EO data and 10 hours of support to help you build new services.
Sentinel Hub is a simple and efficient way of archiving, processing and distributing satellite data using standard web services that can be easily integrated in any desktop, web or mobile mapping application.
How to apply

2.      Follow this link to create a trial account: http://www.sentinel-hub.com/create_account using the same e-mail as in the survey

3.      If accepted, you will receive a confirmation within a few days. We review applications on a rolling basis.
4.      Note: only 1 free account per company is allowed

If you want to have free satellite images and other EO satellite products for free, you can get a free license for Sentinel Hub from the ESA website. The European Space Agency offers, through the products of Sentinel Hub of Sinergise, free access for one year to its EO products if you fulfill some requirements and dedicate yourself to the world of satellite data analysis.

To qualify for this possible free license is only necessary to fill out this small questionnaire in which to tell what you do and what you would do with the information offered. If you meet the requirements and the profile sought , in a few days you will be one of the lucky ones to have access to an infinity of EO satellite management applications and images. It is necessary that you have a user on the Sentinel Hub platform, so, in order to enjoy the one-year license, you must first be registered using the same email account in the questionnaire. Only one user license per company is concentrated .

Among the satellite resources that can be accessed with a one-year license are:
·         Free satellite images of Sentinel with global and temporary coverage.
·         Multitemporal image processing.
·         Possibility of developing custom scripts for the analysis and composition of images.
·         Integration of analyzes in customized viewers through WMS, WMTS, WCS and WFS services.
Some of the examples of the potential of Sentinel Hub made public by viewers, and whose raw data we can use with this license of free satellite images, are found in applications such as Sentinel Hub Playground or the mythical EO Browser . Two resources developed by Sinergise for ESA with which to consult and analyze online data from Sentinel, Landsat or Envisat. You can also see how the Sinergise control and management panels work and process images through WMS, WMTS, WCS and WFS map services.

For more information about this possibility you can access the promotional website of the European Space Agency from here

What next?

Apply for funding and support through our programme to demonstrate the feasibility of your idea! Monitor our specific funding opportunities or send us an open application (Activity Pitch Questionnaire) to business@esa.int.
If you are a data service provider yourself and want to be promoted on our website as well, please get in contact with us: business@esa.int
To support your project with statistical analytics on Big Data from Space, request a FREE kdb+ academic license for Kx's high-performance time-series kdb+ database platform.

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