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Sunday, September 08, 2019

Power of Location in Field Operation, Digitally transform Field Operation By Esri

Harnessing the Power of Location
Location is at the heart of field activities. It sounds like an obvious statement, but field management often either completely overlooks location or marginally takes advantage of it.  Field managers and workers are likely to make decisions faster and deliver better customer service if they can access location intelligence in the field. This e-book explains how geographic information system (GIS) technology and a suite of field mobility apps work together to improve performance in the field. Five case studies show how organizations incorporated apps into workflows and describe the returns they gained.

 The Results

Collaboration between the more than 19 federal, state, and local agencies that support the TOR event was better coordinated with the availability of a single, authoritative digital map. The ability to turn layers on and off based on their relevance to each situation facilitated greater insight into responding effectively to calls. Dispatchers were able to identify the unit nearest a call, and responders got to their dispatched calls more efficiently, aidedy the digital map that identified the quickest routes. The PFDconducted a postincident analysis of the events and concluded that using the Esri ArcGIS platform contributed to the success of the strategic and tactical objectives associated with the 2019 TOR events, and it will be carried forward to 2020.

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